Better Safe than Sorry – Security Audits

Our Security Audit and Patching Services takes preventative measures to ensure that your business-critical and confidential data is not compromised.  Scheduled audits are based on customer supplied scans that investigate vulnerabilities to minimize the effects of adverse changes on server and security configurations.  Systems may now be protected from loss of data interruption, while adhering to compliance regulations.

Why are Security Audits Necessary?

datasafeSecurity scans produce huge amounts of data that requires reviewing and understanding.  This can only be done by experts with the ability to determine what is considered a vulnerability, and then, knowing how to fix it.  The data may also report potential problems where no real issue exists.  Since M&C’s customers have repeatedly been asking for help in dealing with security vulnerabilities, Security Audit Services are now available as packaged offers.

Security Audit Services – Two Options Available!  

Tier 1 – provides an evaluation of the security scan report of vulnerabilities provided by the customer, and provides recommended patch solutions to the customer for the Avaya MPS IVR, Avaya Experience Portal – AAEP, and Avaya Contact Center – AACC.  These recommended patch solutions will then be provided in a report.  In Tier 1, the installation of the patches is the customers’ responsibility.

Tier 2 – M&C takes the security scan report of vulnerabilities, which is provided by the customer, evaluates the security scan report of vulnerabilities, and provides recommended patch solutions. M&C installs the recommended patch solutions for the customer on their Avaya MPS, AAEP, or AACC.

Whichever tier customers select, the audit scheduling can be done on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annual basis depending on the customer’s needs.

 “Today all companies are hyper-sensitive around security and the threat of that security,”says Lou Marianacci, CEO and President, M&C Associates LLC.Companies that have been breached find themselves in a defensive position trying to, at the same time, reassure their customers as well as plug the holes quickly. Furthermore, the security departments are responsible for promptly rectifying the deficiencies identified by their own internal security audit.  M&C’s Security Audit Service addresses many of the needs requested by our customers and business partners. We have delivered a very cost effective solution that regularly looks at and installs the latest Microsoft, Oracle and Linux patches, as well as those delivered from Avaya.”

For more information about how Security Patch Solutions can be downloaded, how M&C makes recommendations about vulnerabilities and implements the security patches, please contact us.


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