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The world of IVR and Contact Center Solutions is rapidly evolving as more business’ attempt to maximize internal resources and also bridge the gap of communication with customers.  Staying on top of the latest TeleCom news and technology is necessary for those who are driven by maximizing the customer experience through innovation and Call Center superiority.

Automation is key, giving instant access to data for the customer while freeing up important talent for other efforts internally. Automate inbound requests with IVR,  giving customers seamless access to data and assistance, while having the security your business needs. Automate outbound campaigns with Proactive Outreach Manager (POM), and break the limits of your business!

DeathtoStock_Creative Community5Communications with the customer can be very different these days and a simple phone call is not always the answer. With eMail, texting and social media pulling attention at all times make sure you are connecting with your customer how they want! Whether it be scheduling confirmations through text or blasting out event info, make sure your message is heard.

At M&C our core values are Integrity, Reliability, and Value… this blog is important to us as it gives us a chance to interact, grow and share with you! We want to hear from you so feel free to share your stories, industry updates, comments, jokes or anything else. This is the start of something beautiful, thanks for being here and make sure to come back often and sign up for our eNewsletter!

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