POM – Proactive Communication for BIG business success!

  “Event Alert This Weekend!!”
                                             “You have an appointment tomorrow.
                                             Respond Y to Confirm or N to cancel.”
           RIIING RIIING!
            “Hello, your prescription has been filled and is ready for pick up at your               earliest convenience! Press 1 if you would like to speak to a representative…”

More and more we are seeing business’ finding creative ways to use Proactive Outreach Manager (POM) services to drive sales,build brand awareness, save LOTS of time and ensure that their best talent is being best utilized. So stop wasting your time and resources and start thinking about how much other stuff you could do with more customers and more time!
Not sure how POM can help? Here are just a few examples…
DeathtoStock_Creative Community10
  • Automation: Save resources ($$$) on time consuming or recurring tasks such as:
    • Appointment Confirmations
    • Pickup Schedules
    • Collection Calls
    • Surveys
  • Build Business: Take your relationship with your customer to the next level with:
    • Event or Discount Promotions
    • Loyalty Program
    • Preferred communications (texts, emails, phone alerts/notifications, phone calls with interactive services, etc)
Be proactive and see how Outbound Call, email and SMS campaigns can work for you!
Have you seen or heard of other great Outbound Campaigns?
Share your service excellence story or experience with us at info@m-cassociates.com!

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