The Customer Experience Statistical Fairy-tale

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Check out our fun but informational ‘call center story‘ built around some customer experience statistics. Feel free to share with your team, friends, or anyone who you think might enjoy!
As your are reading think about the following questions and comment when you are done…
What would make your Call Center Dreams come true?
Have you had any Customer Service Fairy-tale experiences?
(Stats are in bullets with original source linked, the rest is fiction folks!)

“The Customer Experience Statistical Fairy-tale”

Once upon a time… in a land not-so far away, there was a company called Castle, Inc. with a buzzing Kingdom Hearts codedcall center, skilled Customer Experience Agents, and many amiable customer’s calls to answer. The people in this land had a true love for the customer experience… as well as statistics! The team at Castle was smart, caring, and worked hard to please their callers heeding important facts such as…
  • Despite the rapid growth of online customer service tools, 79% of consumers would prefer to contact a customer service center over the telephone. (The Mobile Advantage)

One day, a dark cloud rolled in and a curse was put on all the companies in the land by the Evil Queen of Negativity. Her words, dripping with pessimism, were…

At first, there wasn’t much concern, but soon strange calls started coming in. Foul-mood Felicity called first, followed by Irrational Irvine and Malicious Michele and so on! Where were they all coming from? Must be The Evil Queen‘s doing! Swift work was required…

  • 82% say that getting their issue resolved quickly is the number 1 factor to a great customer experience. (LivePerson)

The team of Customer Experience Agents worked hard for hours to please their disgruntled customers; taking the time to listen, understand, and then work to pacify and satisfy, but were soon feeling drained of their energy. The team supported and motivated each other best they could, but were collectively worried about what effect these perturbed callers could have on their reputation (and personal well-being!) With statistics floating around the call center such as…

  • 89% of consumers who experience poor service with your brand will leave for your competition. (Forrester) and,
  • 84% of customers are frustrated when a representative does not have immediate access to account information. (Mobius Poll)
MAC-Cosmetics-UK-Venomous-Villians-Evil-Queen--417x319…weighing heavily on them, morale was plummeting. They feared the spike in calls would increase the drop rate or perhaps the extra length of the calls would alarm upper management. Would the Evil Queen of Negativity prevail??

Their darkest moment came as their Team Leader, Annabelle was called into Mr. Bossman’s office. (dun DUN DUN…The Customer Experience Agents were anxious for her return, but kept busy with the steady flow of calls they received. Some time later, Annabelle returned with a look on her face they couldn’t quite read. She spoke to the team as she normally would, statistically speaking, of course! Their Team Leader looked at them all and said:

 “Today was a true test of our team… I want to start by saying thank you for all your efforts. The message from above was loud and clear, Mr. Bossman started off with… ,” and out came a rambling of statistics:
  • “Customer satisfaction is considered the most important call center metric by more than 60% of customer service managers. (Ovum)
  • Live assistance has the highest satisfaction rate, with a 69% average of customers saying that their questions are fully addressed over the phone. (Forrester)
  • 80% of companies want to use the customer service/experience as a way to differentiate themselves from their competition. (Forrester)”

Still in the dark about the outcome of the conversation the Customer Experience Agents urged her to go on. Annabelle continued:

“Although The Evil Queen‘s curse remains in effect, our battle is not lost! Our IVR didn’t fail once in the chaos, we had a scare but thanks to our Audit Security Force at M&C Associates, they caught it before there were any effected calls. Each of the dissatisfied customer calls that we handled created other opportunities for Castle, Inc. 

  1. Foul-mood Felicity actually laughed for the first time in a decade as she was getting off the phone with a Castle agent and went and posted on Facebook about her good experience.
  2. Irrational Irvine got off the phone finally feeling understood, and recommended us to a whole luncheon! We’ve had referrals coming in all afternoon.
  3. Malicious Michele veered her bad intentions towards a competitor after being won over by one of our agents, and is now a great ally of Castle. Her feedback and suggestions have already led to improvements in the process!”

The agents eyes were wide with surprise and joy as Annabelle went on. “To wrap it up team… 

  • 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. (McKinsey)

With so many tough calls turning into opportunities, we have generated enough new business to upgrade our call center!! Our success today has proved we are ready to expand our services with Proactive Outreach Manager and start building outbound campaigns. We are also going to set up regular meetings to discuss a system upgrade from MPS 500 to Avaya Aura Experience Portal! Great job team, good changes ahead!”

Optimism spread across the call center as the Customer Experience Agents expressed their delight. Soon the cheers were heard through out Castle, Inc. and even across the kingdom. Those very cheers reached The Evil Queen and she covered her ears and coiled in discomfort. She quickly gathered her belongings, looking to flee the realm, and as she opened her door to leave she was greeted by none other than Malicious Michele

After news spread of The Evil Queen‘s capture the folks at Castle were happy to know Michele was on their side… and they all lived happily ever after. 🙂

Written by Amanda Cervone


What would make your Call Center Dreams come true? 


Have you had any Customer Service Fairy-tale experiences?

Leave us a comment below!

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