One-Source Screen to Reduce Clutter and Improve Efficiency

Today, contact center executives are faced with significant challenges

  • Deliver more and provide better service to customers…
  • All with reduced budgets & resources.

They are also faced with significant technical challenges. Many call centers still rely on legacy green screen applications. In order to enter or retrieve customer data, agents must navigate through disparate applications and an extensive number of screens in order to access the information that is needed.

These legacy applications have become a roadblock to improving productivity and service levels. In fact, they impede the ability to provide the service quality that is critical in today’s competitive environment.

Today, M&C Associates is working with many enterprise contact centers, to optimize the delivery of legacy applications to the agent desktop with an intelligent web-based interface.

Through a simple process, we can consolidate legacy green-screen applications into a structured, user-friendly graphical web interface on your agents desktop. This is a non-invasive process and works without changing your host application.

screen consolidator

We will completely customize the web interface based on your specific requirements and goals. This will facilitate dramatic improvements in call center performance.

For more information on our Agent Screen Consolidation service, please contact us.


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