The Power of the Ideal IVR Scripting Team

The first step in developing an IVR script is the form the team that will be responsible for specifying and testing the application. In general, several departments in your organization will be affected by the system and will want to be represented in this effort. However, try to keep the overall team size to a minimum for efficiency—three to four key people

Here are three must-haves for your IVR Scripting Team!

  1. The Marketeer: Representatives from the marketing department are typically involved in the script design, both from the application development standpoint and to ensure that the corporate image is reflected in the script. Even if the supplication is not directly linked to the marketing department, the quality of your company’s public image is reflected in the IVR system and should be carefully guarded.  The “Marketeer” will be looking out for the voice style selection and recording techniques that will become known as the “voice of the company” –in addition to the overall script style “business formal” or “business casual”. DeathtoStock_CreativeSpace4 11.45.06 AM
  2. The Techy: Technical staff members should also participate to ensure that the script requirements are practical. For example, in a home banking application, providing up-to-the-minute balances might be a goal. However, if the financial institution has no way of providing integrated on-line balances from the system, this will not be possible. Technical staff can also verify real-time information to be given, and in fact the available information during the hours the system will be operation, as an example.
  3. The Voice of Reason: Finally, the script development team should include someone who is experienced in the “human factors” of IVR systems. Menu structures, help prompts, error messages, and a variation of input formats are just a few of the concerns related to human factors.  All human factors must be addressed during the IVR Scripting project.  In systems using speech recognition, human factors analysis becomes even more crucial. When an expert in this area is not available on your staff, ask your vendor to provide you with this expertise.

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