Application Diagram- Teleprompt MAPPING!

Once your ideal team has been assembled and the basic system information flow is defined, the next step is to document the system dialogue using an Application Development Diagram (ADD). This diagram can take many forms, two of which might be a call flow chart or a tree diagram. Personal preference or company standards play key roles in this choice of format. Experience shows the tree diagram is good for menu-based systems, while a flow chart is better suited for systems with more complex decision branching.

Whichever you choose, the ADD should specify the exact words to be used at each point in the phone session. The design must also include help messages, which may often be context sensitive. Error conditions and error recovery procedures and prompts should also be detailed here. See below diagram for an example of what an example ADD looks like, and feel free to contact us with with any further questions.

Application Development Diagram (14-1)

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