M&C Engages Arrow SI at ASI – 2017 National Sales Conference

For our 5th consecutive year, the M&C team was right at home at Arrow SI’s National Sales Conference, especially during the Partner Showcase.

New and familiar faces were great to meet, giving plenty of opportunity to share who we are, what we do and why partnering on business opportunities brings great value when we work together!

What we learned!

How to proceed for success…

About 75% who stopped by are already working with or have heard of M&C. This means we have opportunities to bring to each other’s attention to work on and close business. Retire Quota!
Hottest Topics of conversation were AAEP, Contact Center Support and Maintenance, and Application Development. Let’s identify where the greatest need is and work together to move our clients to the next step!
Account Managers and Sales Engineers are eager to learn more and willing to participate in M&C webinars.  Regional teams have opportunities to participate in M&C BIZPartnerTALK Sessions, where we focus on products and services offered, as well as techniques for closing business.

P.S. Did you know that M&C can help with a full spectrum of  Audio Services and Vocabulary Recording? Click Here for our complete list of services.



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