7 Best Practice Tips for IVR Optimization…

You’ve made the investment in your business with an IVR, now here are a few great tips to help you maximize ROI and make continual improvements.

  1. Budget resources to optimize/upgrade your IVR on a regular basis.
  2. Baseline the IVR automation (containment) rate.
  3. Create IVR optimization reports that capture and track where customers opt out.
  4. Establish a formal process for evaluating the performance of the IVR on a regular basis. Involve contact center agents in this process in order to identify additional tasks that can be automated on the IVR.
  5. Reward agents for identifying new ways to automate calls.
  6. For a touch‐tone‐only IVR solution, identify the areas where speech recognition will increase the automation rate and perform an ROI analysis to quantify the benefits. If the payback is rapid enough, make an investment in speech recognition technology.
  7. As part of the optimization process, listen to recordings of customers who use the IVR to hear what they say as they’re using the solution.Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (8 of 10)

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One thought on “7 Best Practice Tips for IVR Optimization…

  1. Trivia… did you know that the travel industry was among the earliest adopters of speech-enabled IVR? Speech recognition became increasingly more popular than touch-tone because of its significantly higher success rate for alpha-numeric account numbers. With speech recognition as an option for callers, conventional keypads started to be considered cumbersome and difficult to use. It was a major airline based in the U.S. who installed speech-enabled IVR in 1998. How do I know this? I got the story and shared the good news!

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